We Ourselves

Realistic, naïve and a sort of adventurous nonsense, Paul Mercier’s We Ourselves is a trip well worth taking. Out now at the Savoy Cinema.


Rosie realises the true weight of the word “sorry” in a script that feels it can’t bring itself to make light, in direction that seems sometimes almost to quake with anger, in performances alive with passion and pique.


Halloween is a hell of a good time. It’s intense, gory and at times emotional. Just don’t expect it to be something especially original.

Mandy Scannain review

Mandy is a visceral and horrifying story filled with over the top visuals and acting and it’s a must-see during the Halloween season.

First Man

First Man is a surprisingly melancholy film. Damien Chazelle captures the character that was Neil Armstrong.

Venom Scannian

Venom is a fascinating film, both a complete mess and at the same time a ton of fun.


Columbus is a beautifully composed feast for the eyes, with a story that is simultaneously compelling and underwhelming.